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Exhausted High Achiever Struggling to Stay Focused

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Are You Struggling to Stay Focused?

I hear this a lot from high achieving women and most often than not it is in reference to an inability to be present with their children or spouses, after a long day or even during the weekend when it is time to switch off from work.

However how you do one thing is how you do everything so if you conscious of the fact you are struggling to stay focused in one area you can bet there all facets of your life being affected, they just haven't been brought to your attention or magnified yet.

If you had to really examine and be honest, you would almost certainly find you aren’t producing as high a performing team as you could because your focus is tied up on your workload.

You probably aren’t staying as focused on nurturing your relationship as you could be.

You aren’t giving your future and the bigger picture enough focus and consideration.

And, you almost certainly are not staying focused enough on you, your health and well-being.

And I'll tell you why for the latter, because if you were as focused on yourself as you needed to be it would allow you to focus more wholeheartedly on everything else in the measure you truly desire and feel a deep sense of fulfilment across all your life arenas.

What Keeps Most High Achieving Women Unfocused

The inability to self-evaluate and really dig deep is what keeps most women who are high achievers unfocused and in struggling mode.

And it isn’t their fault.

I have said this before and I will repeat it, we do not get taught how to balance well enough so we can focus on all areas that are important to us without sacrificing something or burning out. So women attempt to just push through believing the phase may pass at some point in the future and then realise it only gets worse.

The problem is the fact that old constructs just do not work, so how you may have been operating at the beginning of your career and the energy you had is now completely different, yet you find yourself trying to function in the same way with a new set of circumstances.

How to Overcome a Lack of Focus

I work on staying focused in The Ri-Wired Experience because it is a key proponent for leaders to be able to successfully advance in their roles whilst also balancing a fulfilling and healthy personal life.

Take a look at what my client Alex had to say;

"Ri's supportive, energizing and insightful coaching has changed my life in so many profound ways. I achieved more in 12 weeks with Ri than the whole year before! I never thought that the term high-performance applied to me before; I thought it was only for high-level athletes... I couldn't see how high-performance could or should work in my life. Ri showed me the very personal and highly individualized side of high-performance that was in alignment with my individual strengths, priorities and goals. She helped me to understand that it is one thing to say that I want to show up as my best every day and it is another thing to commit to harnessing my energy and my actions to actually be my best self every day. I went from being unorganized, unfocused and unsatisfied to having laser sharp focus, being fiercely intentional and to finally having that effortless presence and patience I crave for my family and business. I know that these mindset shifts will allow me to continually shoot for and always reach my next level."

10 Quick Tips To Improve Your Focus

With a 100% success rate in taking high achieving women from overwhelmed and exhausted to focused and thriving in their leadership roles, I feel pretty confident saying that igniting your focus, energy and balancing your personal life whilst you reach your full potential is 100% achievable. It can be achieved with a few steps:

  1. Put YOU first, it is not selfish it is in fact self-less. Keep reminding yourself of this.

  2. Stop doing things that drain you.

  3. Be your authentic self.

  4. Invest in your growth and development now and make it a lifelong commitment.

  5. Nurture yourself.

  6. Sell yourself on your dreams. There is a reason you have them.

  7. Don't over complicate your life. Keep it simple, however that looks.

  8. Choose to embody joy, peace and feeling so good.

  9. Believe you're worthy of everything that you truly want. Repeat 'I am enough' however many times daily necessary until you believe it and feel it.

  10. Trust yourself everyday even when you make mistakes or don't get your whole to do list complete.

And the BONUS...

"Have faith, mine is in GOD and it is the biggest life changing strategy if there ever was one."

Although it may not be easy it can be simple and you do not have to go it alone and without the key strategies to help you.

I fully know that being in a senior position of leadership whilst raising family is not a walk in the park, but I also know that when I am intentional and invest in myself and growth in the above ways my life flows with incredible focus and the same is true for every high achieving woman I have had the pleasure to work with.

And I want you to know the same can be true for you. If you know you need some support to make it happen and break the cycle you are in, book your complimentary breakthrough call right here.

Talk Soon,


Ri Justin CHPC is a Certified High Performance Coach and the Founder of The Ri-Wired Experience. She is known as the ‘secret weapon’ for Business Leaders and Executives helping them to reach and navigate the pinnacles of their careers whilst enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life balance.

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