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How to get rid of the brain fog?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Baby brain, brain fog, can’t think, can’t construct a sentence, forgot how to adult in a conversation?? All of these things can happen when you become a mother or at home with your children for extended periods. Heck it can even happen when you are at work or trying to stay super laser alert and focused on the business task at hand.

How do you get that sharpness of mind back? Especially as mothers who are striving for more and really want to have the mental capacity to deal with home and work effectively.

There are so many things that can be done but like anything having intention is so key here. The practice is easy but it won’t come easy unless we put intention behind it.

High Performance Habit number two is...


It is all about being conscious about how you show up everyday. Ask yourself why you need more energy, what will more energy allow you to achieve?

Could it be a mass of joyous vibrancy to be present, playful and patient with your children? These are my three words I have set up intentions around to make sure I am being the best mum I can be around my kids out of work hours. I really think about this before I pick them up from school, and have them set on my phone as a reminder.

What about having the energy to be passionate with your partner and not just be mum and dad, but reconnect with who you and your partner were before kids. Inject a bit more romance, spark and intimacy back into your life.

And how does just having an abundance of energy to power through your business objectives or the intensity in the office to get you to that next level sound?

Well if it sounds good, then try to begin with one simple task of highlighting a set time every morning you could do a simple morning routine that you can be consistent in for the most part. As mothers with crying babies in the night or kids that wake up intermittently and all the scenarios that can lead us to have severe sleep deprivation it can be difficult to fathom how some get up and are able to have one hour and two hour long morning routines right???

Well I am in the camp of the two hour morning routine tribe even with four children because it makes the most incredible difference to my energy. I no longer feel lethargic and sleepy throughout my day. I have greater mental focus and ability to concentrate and I do not fall asleep when im putting my kids to bed. Again this is all for the most part, we are human, we are mothers, we live life where sometimes things do not go to plan. So don’t beat yourself up or even waste an emotion feeling frustrated when your routine doesn’t happen, because that will completely zap your energy and we are trying to enhance your energy.

But what I have learnt is…

The duration and start time of your morning routine is irrelevant but rather the consistent habit of just doing it…

Ladies even if your morning routine begins at 5 minutes of you stretching and getting some movement in your body; a breathing exercise, or a meditation with either a few glasses of water or a green tea...GUESS WHAT... IT IS A WIN!! If you are consistent in doing this everyday you will notice a remarkable difference in your energy and focus. But you must give it a try for a sustained period, although you will feel a difference immediately. But to make it a practice and then a habit you must commit to doing this over the long term.

Really can’t do it in the morning?? Set up a time once or twice a day so you can sneak away and intentionally re-energise yourself. Transition from one thing to the next by asking how yourself how you want to show up to the next activity, how do you want to interact, what do you want the end result to be? Meditate, stretch, take some fresh air, rehydrate or get in a 2 minute mobility exercise . It doesn’t matter where you are; at home, in the office, in the car park, after a nightmare shop with the children! As Nike says; Just do it! You won't look back.

Re-centre and Re-energise ladies you deserve to look after you.

With love and appreciation,


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