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How to Increase Your Confidence

Increase your Confidence

Do any of these confidence issues sound familiar?

  • Imposter Syndrome has just heightened as your career has progressed?

  • Not feeling good enough even though you are highly accomplished?

  • Recurring limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns?

  • Not speaking up and contributing at work as much as you could?

These are all symptoms of low confidence amongst many others. The problem is that most women are not fully aware just how much living with low confidence ripples into every facet of their lives and hinders their ability to create the lives they actually want to lead.

So why are some people more confident than others?

Society conditions us to believe that confidence is something some people are born with and this is simply not true. High Performance studies have shown that confidence is a skill, something that has to be learnt, practiced and mastered. Whenever you see someone you perceive to be more confident than you, I can assure you it is just that they have practiced said area for a greater length of time than a lesser confident person in said area.

Effective ways to boost your confidence

I teach my clients a very smart and simple system so they can skyrocket their confidence which significantly impacts every sphere of their life. But in this blog post I thought I would outline just 3 pointers for you to consider so you can start to make steps towards a more confident you.

Take an inventory of your life with the following confidence keys:

1. Competency Levels

If you keep on dreaming and pondering about all the things you do want, nothing will happen. Your desire and curiosity needs to be heightened enough to spark the interest for you to start making inspired steps towards it consistently. When you start doing this you up level not only your competence in this area but your identity which makes you more confident, helping you to also build that all important courage muscle.

2. Congruency Levels

You can practice your faith, work on your emotions and mindset but if you then fail to take action aligned with exactly who you want to become and what you would like to achieve then you aren't going to see the results you like. You also aren't going to see your confidence skyrocket because you are breaking trust with yourself when you don't keep to the commitments you set.

3. Connection Levels

If you only surround yourself with the same people that have got you to this stage of your life you will struggle to have the confidence to pursue your next level. Confidence really kicks in when you start to surround yourself with others on a similar journey to you or higher. When you do this you will begin a process of evolution and your ambition will be raised. Connection brings the challenge for you to be greater than you envisioned when you first started out.

Talk Soon,


Ri Justin - Founder, Mums RI-Wired

Ri Justin CHPC is a Certified High Performance Coach and the Founder of The Ri-Wired Experience. She is known as the ‘secret weapon’ for Business Leaders and Executives helping them to reach and navigate the pinnacles of their careers whilst enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life balance.

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