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Lean into Your Fear

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Why should I lean into fear Ri? Well because as a mother, we all know that confidence is one of the main things that gets knocked a peg or two down, and the anti-dote is to stare the scary things in the face and lean right in. When we do that plenty of opportunities arise:

It is an opportunity for courage to show up

It is an opportunity for you to see what is holding you back

It is the window for you to see your current limitations and how to shatter them

It is the lens of which your past has previously dictated your future and how you can break that.

But despite all of the glorius opportunity fear brings in, most people will still let it stop then from moving forward on decisions that will change their lives.

Ever heard of the sayings….

when the student is ready the teacher will appear or when the decision has been made the resources will be found, or where there is a will there are 10,000 ways.

But, the blunt truth is you have to make the decision first to lean into the fear that scare you, then the answers start appearing, not before.

Yet comfort zones will have you believe they are the best place for you.

But nothing great ever comes out of comfort zones, just history repeating itself and zapping your energy (even more than it already is).

You could be finding comfort in things that are currently making you unhappy but it is familiar to you and so less scarier than making a change:

Like staying in the same job you hate,

Not living out your purpose as a woman

Staying in a miserable marriage and not doing anything different about it

Remaining stuck in a body that doesn't serve you

Consumed by resentment and a lack of forgiveness from past hurts.

Failing to take action in these things; not committing to solving these doesn't take them away.

Hope will not wish them away.

Time will not fade them away.

Crossing fingers won't magic them away.

And doing the same thing you have already been doing generally won't anything them away either!

Only one thing can do that, and its name is..


You have to decide and make the choice to…

Burn the boats and commit to solving the issue in your life.

Cut out all other options of doing anything else, but getting the particular outcome you really want in life.

Becoming resourceful in making the change whether growing your dream or fixing your problem.

If you don't do these things then you are just wishing and wishing is an energy zap that does not yield any results. No mum solves major life problems, or excelled in life in a significant way by wishing.

Let me know in the comments, what have you been wishing for but haven't found the courage to take action on yet.

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