How to Zone into Your Full Potential

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Zone into Your Full Potential as a Mum

Most mums I speak to say they want to achieve their full potential when I read their application forms and it begs the question why so many mums feel that they can’t?

What stops the ascension for many women who desire to thrive?

As a mother I am sure you can list a myriad of reasons as to why it feels impossible to really hit those goals and aspirations that maybe you have tucked away nicely for when the kids go off to university or college. But are the reasons you aren’t aiming for them right now really true? Are they 100% factual or stories you have forced yourself to believe over the years?

Because what I have found is that for most mums when they have to go out and do something outside of their comfort zone they tend to think about what disqualifies them instead of what qualifies them. It is almost a default setting and all those disqualifiers tend to provoke a lack of action around what they really want.

So are you yourself operating as a ‘Scared Sally’ or ‘Courageous Candy?’

So who are these two women? Well they are just avatars I have made up to name the two versions of women we all have living inside of us.

One allows us to step into our highest identity and the other stops us from doing just that

I like to call them Scared Sally and Courageous Candy and so you know which is which;

Courageous Candy shows us how to achieve our most desired goals whilst Scared Sally ensures we are just keeping afloat each day.

Do you know who you operate from the most?

Naturally most mums live from Scared Sally because after having children confidence is swallowed up as fast as breast milk!

And the result you live trying to tick off a never ending to do list, never completing everything you wanted to do each day, never having enough energy for your husband, never feeling present enough with your children, putting your career aspirations and dreams on the back burner.

And the list can go on right? But you probably did not associate it with operating from a lower version of yourself, you probably thought oh well this is motherhood. I can assure you that this is not true.

So what do you do if you want a different picture for your life;

  • A purpose driven career

  • Enjoyable and present with your children

  • Honeymoon intimacy back in your marriage

  • A more confident self

You have to make an affirmative decision to say yes to you and NO to the reactive nature you keep defaulting to.

When you decide to be Courageous Candy and operate from your highest identity it just requires a few simple steps:

  • Start eliminating what is not working unapologetically

  • Stop over thinking what you truly want

  • Create a strong game plan

  • Take action even if in small increments daily

  • Always choose abundance and NEVER scarcity

…And repeat daily making sure you do not revert

But if you do find yourself sounding and acting like Scared Sally just go right back to operating from Courageous Candy.

Maybe you are happy at home and work and comfortable, but maybe you need to stretch yourself so in 2 or 3 years from now you are proud and happy with where you are rather than stagnant because you made choices for the present instead of for the future.


We ultimately have two choices to make when we think about our lives and how we want to lead them. We can either use our stories and situation as a platform to grow, expand, lead and serve others or as an excuse to live within a box and stay comfortable but stagnant.

Which one are you choosing and why?

My point of writing today is that I want to encourage you to Zone in on what can still happen in your future, trusting your potential and not what didn't happen in the past.

Have you got a young new family but feel you can't take the plunge and go for your dream because you have to focus on raising children and building a home only?

Is a risk averse nature making you feel like you have to live a life of security rather than growth and fulfillment?

Are a lack of skills or experience making you feel inadequate for that dream job or confidence to start working on your business plan?

Have family members put you in a box that says you are qualified to do this one thing but don't think you possess the necessary to try something unknown?

Take all those things and look at yourself very closely....

What makes you qualified to go forward and chase your dreams with gumption?


  • Are you willing not to give up?