Is Intentional Energy The Single Most Important Decision You Should Make Daily?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Do you suffer with energy lag as a mum?

The one you get when you open your eyes first thing in the morning, drop the kids off to school and you feel like you already completed a whole day's work? Or what about when it's lunch time and you are just about ready for bed. How about at bedtime for the kids where you get to have some personal down time but the exhaustion has you falling asleep with them??

"The average mum loses focus, direction and productivity at a rapid rate all due to a decline in energy stemming from tiredness."

I know if you are still reading you are probably familiar with more than one of the above! But if you feel like that, you are absolutely NOT ALONE. The average mum loses focus, direction and productivity at a rapid rate all due to a decline in energy stemming from tiredness. That means work starts to drain the life out of them, even worse, it starts to take a toll on family life and worst still she starts to become a fraction of who she once was and more often than not she will have to ignore these feelings without being able to consider the long term impact.

Alignment and Boosting Energy

Furthermore as a mum you need to be absolutely certain that your professional, personal, health, spiritual, social and financial elements of your life are as aligned as possible if you want to succeed at beating the energy zapping monster. You may not realise this to be the case but it is the key that doesn’t get taught.

The honest truth is that the odds are against mums, as it can be ridden with energy draining challenges everyday. But it actually doesn't have to be. I know you may find that hard to believe but over the past 1 year, I’ve maintained a 100% success rate when it comes to getting my clients’ energy at a heightened level. That’s 100%. No failures to date.

I know that as a loving parent and woman, you believe that your children and husband or partner deserve the BEST family life and this largely depends on you as a mother.

But the problem here…

Trying to support others when you lack the support yourself is HARD. Point blank and simple. Yes, you can just about cope. Yes, you can just about manage. Yes, you can just about fit everything into your week…

But even so, I’ve seen far too many MUMS get crushed in overwhelm even when they thought they had it altogether. Nobody wants to really just live a life surviving, just keeping their head above water. And the real tragedy of this is there is a system to beat this that most mums just don't know, because it doesn't get taught by our parents, in school or in ante-natal classes.

My Journey to Eliminate Tiredness and Boost Energy as a Mum of Four

I am a single mum who had to start life from scratch with four young children just five years ago so I had to find a way to harness my energy so powerfully so I could survive everyday. But then I managed to really crack it and I began to do more than just survive but flourish. And the number one question I now get asked is 'how do you have so much energy to do all you do with four kids?' For this reason I am truly passionate about helping mums because I don't like to see them suffer when they can soar and all they really need is the right help. God knows is it is well deserved!

That is when mothers thrive, their children thrive and their relationships thrive.

So a little help and lifting the lid below to get you started..

So What is Intentional Energy?

Intentional energy is recognising your energy requirements, clearly identifying them and living with them consciously on a daily basis. Although it sounds so simple, these are actually different for every mother. However most mums think there is a hard and fast rule that may eliminate mommy exhaustion and overwhelm, but the truth is there isn’t.

Being intentional means no longer waking up and hoping or wishing the day might be different, thinking energy may crop up today, dreaming of getting past the first half day with a mountain of energy left to fuel the second part. Yes it absolutely means saying no to these pipe dreams, because let’s face it, after children the energy you see your children display that you yourself may have once had is no longer returning in that same fashion. I work with many mothers who come to me knowing this to be the case but who find it so difficult to figure out how to generate new energy as a mother.

Why is Intentional Energy Important?

Because as outlined above if a mother is not intentional with her energy you can pretty much guarantee it isn’t about to knock on the door anytime soon!

And with that being the case, how do you then go about navigating, family, marriage, work, a home, school, extra curricular, health, finances, social with little to no energy to support you. You might be able to float on by but you can’t make the best decisions in any area of your life without energy because it is too difficult to be operating from your best self when you lack this gold resource that we as mothers truly need. It is a priority that is so urgent yet left to wither everyday.

The Link Between Our Brain and Our Mothers and Why it Makes a Mum's Energy Vital

Did you know this…

That the research, published in the journal NeuroImage, used a method called dual electroencephalograhy (EEG) to look at brain signals in both mums and babies while they were interacting with each other.

And they found...

‘Mothers' and babies' brains can work together as a 'mega-network' by synchronising brain waves when they interact. The level of connectivity of the brain waves varies according to the mum's emotional state: when mothers express more positive emotions their brain becomes much more strongly connected with their baby's brain. This may help the baby to learn and its brain to develop.’

Emotional communication between parents and their children has been proven to be absolutely vital during childrens early years.

"Our emotions literally change the way that our brains share information with others -- positive emotions help us to communicate in a much more efficient way," Dr Leong.