Mastering Productivity as a Mother

Isn’t true we have to learn to use every second of every day to accomplish our never ending to do lists?

Isn’t it true sometimes we can’t just go to bed when we say we are, because going to bed turns into finishing off ten tasks before your head hits the pillow!

How do we create more in this content obsessed world? How do we generate more clients in such noisy markets and niches? How do we just produce more of what we want in our personal lives as well as professional lives?

The world’s highest performers are meticulous about the intention they bring to their days.

Often times the most successful people are only giving themselves one or two tasks of which to complete a day and once they get those done these are considered as a win.

How can mums become high performers?

High performers have mastered the ability to identify what activity is their most needle turning activity, the one activity that will move them the furthest forward that day in the grand scheme of the overall project or business plan. Whereas as mothers we are trying to radically cross off as much as possible in the hopes of feeling better. But we don't need to put that much pressure on ourselves in order to achieve.

The amount of tasks crossed of is not of importance, but rather the outcome of the tasks we complete.

It is hard to acknowledge your wins if you set yourself up to fail by overloading your schedule and multitasking.

Multi tasking has been proven to reduce productivity significantly. The time taken moving from one task to the next and the time taken to refocus on the task at hand can lose you anywhere from 20% to 75% of productivity according to SCRUM research.

Start boosting your productivity habits by dedicating days to certain tasks and don’t overwhelm your brain with a million and one completely different things. Completing 5 tasks a week is better than 20 unfinished.

If we are conscious of where we spend our time and where it is getting lost we can maximise it.

Can you reduce TV time or have no TV days? Can you have digital device free hours to keep you focused on a particular task? What about just an earlier 20 minutes rise than usual but get to bed 20 minutes earlier so you don’t lose sleep? All these things can and will improve your effectiveness in producing the outcomes you need to.

As ambitious mothers bustling through the day just won’t cut it. The only thing it will cut is your productivity.

Here’s to slashing that TO DO by 90% and increasing your productivity and effectiveness ten fold!

I Want to be a Productivity Powerhouse Mum!

With love and appreciation,



My Mission is to help you as a mother reach your fullest potential by accelerating your energy so you can ignite your passion, purpose and relationships.