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Old Losses, New Blessings

What I lost journeying into High Performance...

So I wasn't always a high performer, there was a time I didn't even know what it was, which now I can see sums up why my life didn't take the shape I wanted it to.

I felt like I was walking around with a veil over my eyes with zero clarity about my life and future.

Realising the role courage had to play in life, completely evaded me.

Productivity was reacting to my inbox feeling busy whilst juggling multiple things ALL DAY long!

As a single mum of four stretched thinly to accommodate all my children amongst my personal life, business and my loved ones was something I felt all too often.

High performance taught me that sometimes a loss of an old life we thought was great can give way to the creation of something much more beautiful, purposeful and fulfilling that we didn't even imagine.

Old losses, new blessings...

You may lose free flow but you will gain killer organisational skills and maximisation of each day.

You may lose an extra hour in bed or the opportunity to hit the snooze alarm but you will begin to live the life of the truly influential, conquering mindset, boosting productivity, taking massive bold action and total ownership of your life and achieving an ever growing sense of achievement and fulfilment.

You may lose some time with your children to childcare but you will gain an unimaginable, heightened quality of life with them because you start to really appreciate every moment.

Life evolves and when we adapt to change readily we allow the success to flow in much more easily.

What steps are you going to take to get yourself to the next level, it just takes a positive intention, action, choice or perspective and the journey begins. Let me know in the comments.

Talk Soon,


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