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One Secret to Being a Greater Influencer

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Have you ever felt like you wish you could just influence your children a bit more?

What about persuaded your family and friends to your beliefs?

Or maybe you have tried to get the support of a spouse or a loved one about your business idea?

High Performance Habit number five is all about...


...A key habit of High Performance and really excelling in your life.

It starts with having the nature of people wanting to listen to us, understand us and respect us and thus being led and persuaded to our ways of thinking or doing.

How important is it that we have this ability with our children? After all our children did not arrive on this earth knowing how to operate in life, the right and wrong, how to behave, what will cause suffering and what won’t. It is our jobs as parents to teach and guide them in all areas of their lives.

I think any parent who has a teenager will tell you it is relatively easy up until the teens but anyone with children under will still have areas of struggle where being influential can be a daily struggle!

How much more could we achieve and become if we were more influential?

In our place of work and in our business’, if we were more influential with our teams and to a broader customer base? What kind of results could we see? Greater respect, promotions, new projects, opportunities for leadership, a larger market share, increased sales.. The list goes on.

This is why it is such a critical High Performance habit but something a lot of people do not think about very consciously and that marks the difference of those who are super successful and those that aren’t necessarily where they want to be.

Try having a dinner with a friend, spouse or your child tonight one night this week and just focus and center it around them, asking them tons of questions, finding out all about their dreams and goals and listen and respond intently. You can also share your dreams and goals and have a super inspiring dinner. This practice will set you up greatly for beginning an increased journey of up levelling your influence.

When we listen and show an interest in the things that really matter with others they will do the same back.

Talk Soon,


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