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Running Like Mad in 4" Heels

Updated: Jul 19, 2021


Hmmm, when I think back to that picture now, I realise how crazy I must have looked, although at the time I did not see it.

I remember after splitting from the father of my four children right at a point when I was in the thick of building a business but still showing up with a smile on my face and joyful energy each day, even though it was tough.

The children were young; a 1 year old, 2 year old, 6 year old and a 7 year old and then me, one working mama trying to run an event management company producing local and national shows and managing sales and event staff.

One day after jumping out the cab in my four inch heels to drop my 6 and 7 year old to their respective classes at school, and then off to the next stop running down the hill under the bridge to drop the two babies off with their childminder, I was met with a less than happy to see you look.

As I approached, her face still quite flat…

…and with a disjointed smile on her face she said 'I don't think I can watch you do this anymore, because you are going to end up in hospital.'

I just stood a little shocked and then said 'Noo I won't' and laughed it off.'

But actually deep down there was a truth in the total madness I was living. No matter how much smiling, running, doing and coping I may have been pulling off… None of it was realistic over the long-term. And so for a minute it stung...

I remember walking away, no longer running and feeling totally unclear about my direction but knowing she was right.

I knew this wasn't going to be my life forever.

At that moment I didn't know what my life would eventually look like and I was far from finished living the hectic lifestyle I was, but my life certainly did transform in more ways than one. It took a few years for it to unfold but wow did it unfold;

I went from surviving in a business I had to love because I'd thrown everything into it, to thriving in a business I'm utterly in love with.

I went from living a life of total reactivity to complete pro-activity, on my terms because I now can.

I went from being surrounded with completely the wrong people to having circles in total alignment with who I am.

I went from being a mother who was just managing to a mother who has managed to become incredibly intentional in her journey, whilst raising four kids to be conscious, emotionally stable and kind individuals that will make their own difference in this world.

And as for me, mostly I have learnt that some of the smallest parts of our lives make up the biggest part of our hearts. The things we do everyday to serve, love, share, empower, educate, entertain no matter how small are the things that really define us.

Mums, need a bit of help to start thriving on your terms and not just surviving? Let me know in the comments.

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