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The Broken Thing Causing you to Feel Overwhelmed With Life and What to do About it...

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

What Causes Overwhelm

Feeling overwhelmed with life is common for many women. And you may not want to hear this, but you don't have an overwhelm problem...

...The issue is, you have a broken plan!

I want to share with you a little graphic I put together to show just how crazy the life of a woman can look, and quite simply the epitome of overwhelm on a single woman trying to run a household...

A diagram showing overwhelm in motherhood and why it zaps energy.
What Causes Overwhelm - Diagram Taken From a Ri Justin Free Training.*

So right now you are probably trying to accommodate all the areas depicted above of your life successfully; You, your work, home, health, family, friends, social, spiritual, financial, but it probably feels how this diagram looks - A funnel pouring way too much in at one time! There’s quite simply one of you and a gazillion items to remember, ponder, store, action for the future etc. and this is contributing to an energy zapping experience every single day and literally draining your capacity to enjoy a more vibrant pro-actively led week.

How to Overcome Overwhelm

The reality is there is a simple way to completely get rid of the overload and the stress that accumulates as a result. No woman thrives on this nightmare of running all over the place on limited time, adding more and more to the mix, meanwhile your children want more from you, your partner wants more and your work is demanding more.

Society has us convinced that all we need is more time and our lives will magically be perfect simply overnight; saying good riddance to overwhelm.

Yet no amount of extra time is a solution to emotional overwhelm. Time is a resource a little bit like money; more zeros in your bank account does not mean you will steward finances better, it could signify to you there is a lot more for you to spend. Just take a look at all the lottery winners, statistics have shown as many as 70% go bankrupt within 3- 5 years and that is even for those who have won it up to three times!

Yes you read that right. So what does that tell us?

That a mindset of lack will produce a reality of lack. Time works in exactly the same way. People who are time poor are often not as physically time poor as they think, they have a mindset around their time and life that creates a daily experience they do not want to experience.

A Quick Overwhelm Solution

Fix your broken plan, because our lives are not infinite and every day is one less day and not one more.

To truly up level your life you need to want to optimise it now instead of continuing the hamster wheel. Because in reality isn’t that what life feels like sometimes, you stuck in a routine that drains you, yet you have to get up and repeat the next day and the next like Groundhogs Day.

How many people stay living like this for years and years even if they are miserable?

If I had a billboard it would be:

Fix your life plan.

Because your relationships, career, business and the woman you are will work a whole lot better when your time isn't being used like it is endless and can grow at any time, because it can't.

It is possible to take the reins so you can command success like never before, just like my clients who are becoming balanced women leaders; experiencing super career acceleration, the highest revenue months in their business, connection in their marriages again and a renewed energy that they hadn't felt since pre-children all whilst balancing family!

And the best part is, they are doing this with relative ease. It doesn't need to be hard or feel overwhelming when you have the right map.

Take a look at what my client Esther had to say:

I would absolutely recommend Ri for helping me through a tough period, the guidance and support has been priceless and has completely changed the way I think about work and myself. If you are a leader, business owner, exec who has lost yourself in your career give this program a try you won't regret it.

Do You Need Help Beating Overwhelm?

If you have been feeling like you need more tailored help and support and you are ready to start seeing changes immediately or things are more dire and just can not wait, you can book a free call with me right here. We will identify all that is going wrong, how to bridge the gap to make it right and provide you with an individual blueprint to cut through the emotional overwhelm and bring your ideal life into fruition.

Talk Soon,


Founder of Mums Ri-Wired, Energy and Success Coach for Mums
Ri Justin, Founder - The Ri-Wired Experience

Ri Justin CHPC is a Certified High Performance Coach and the Founder of The Ri-Wired Experience. She is known as the ‘secret weapon’ for Business Leaders and Executives helping them to reach and navigate the pinnacles of their careers whilst enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life balance.

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