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Mums Don’t Let This Be Your Biggest Expense Amidst Covid-19

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Dear worried mum,

I know right now you may have a niggle of panic, anxiety, worry and overwhelm creeping in that little bit more than usual in these slightly scary times. The daily news is certainly not helping the situation and although I do not intend to get political in this post it is worth noting that a heavy focus on the media at present will absolutely not do anything to alleviate your wavering emotions and thus it certainly won’t produce any positive action, purely because of the sheer scale of it. We are human and we live by emotions, they dictate our thoughts and actions, so if we want to have fruitful, productive days, then we have to be conscious about what we are feeding our mind. I can pretty much assure you that if you are finding your days are being wasted away, or you your time is not being used effectively or you are getting heavily distracted you will do well in tracing back throughout the day what you were feeding your mind and what continued to run through it.

Stockpiling and Homeschooling

Many mums are stockpiling, fretting about home-schooling, and panicking about how they are going to last during this time. I am a mum of four so I totally get it. But here is what I know also, although it may seem like a time to hide, lay low, not make plans, listen and react to the media this is very much not the expansive thing to do. This time will pass and we will get over this point in time and contracting in moments like these won’t benefit you during or after this period. Operating at your highest level will, even if it feels like such a push to do so right now. I can guarantee you that your future will thank you for it.

And why?

Because the biggest cost you will ever have in your life, period is NOT taking action. And by action I mean in the right direction that is authentically aligned to your life, growth and goals.

If I have learnt anything from working with all the amazing clients I get to be apart of their wonderful journeys is that when action is not taken:

Missions are left unfulfilled

Money is left on the table

Relationships are left to neglect

Dreams are allowed to float away

Why is this even important?

Because we have one life and you should want to ride it until the wheels fall off and not regret all the things or the one thing you didn't do.

How to do Life Successful as a Mum Amid Covid-19

Tony Robbins reminds us that, life is never determined by conditions but by the decisions we make in certain conditions, we always have a choice in how we respond or how we proactively behave.

Whether that is building a new you with greater self-belief and confidence, conquering limiting beliefs and anxiety, starting or exploring new opportunities in business, levelling up your skills and yourself for a new career, re-building your marriage or relationship, getting into the best health and shape of your life, making time and space for your long treasured aspirations all so you can live your best life, be the best example for your children and contribute to the world the way you want to.

Yes I have helped my clients with all of the above.

It is possible.

But if you don't have the...



Or push

You need to achieve those things, ask yourself what is it costing you staying as you are and not getting the help and road map?

Focus, Family and Growth

If you know you need to do something about your situation, about the way your life is shaping out for you and your family and just for yourself, make the choice today and just say yes to yourself. Relegate the situation in the world which will blow over and choose to focus on you, your family and growth but also how you can contribute positively.

There is only a simple difference between those that are on the path they want to be and will come away not really affected by the current issues in the world today and those that are not.

And it is absolutely not rocket science. But so simple that many people do not realise the power in it.

You need to make the choices and decisions that your future highest self would make, saying yes to the things that the woman you want to become would say yes to even if you are scared in your current reality.

If you do not start, thinking, behaving and choosing like the highest version of yourself, there is pretty much a guarantee that you will remain the same in 1,3 or 5 years as you are today.

Taking Action Despite Fear, Worry or Anxiety

That thing that you think is too scary to invest in do it.

The big decisions you need to make for your life make it.

That coach/mentor you know you need support from get it.

That difficult and scary conversation you know you need to have, have it.

That idea you are dying to start, start it.

That business you know you can scale, scale it.

Life is too short to be living a small version of who you could be and not tap into your full potential.

Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing in a Crisis Such as Covid-19

So instead of the current virus completely causing mayhem with your mental and emotional well being, there really isn’t a better time to take control, focus, plan and set goals to better yourself and map out where you want yourself and family to be. Setting yourself up for the future now means you are going to fare so much better everyday and you will not get caught up in the whirlwind of current affairs.

The truth is, that where you place your attention is the same place you will find your energy.

So if all your attention is on Covid-19 then guess what you have let a virus that if you are reading this, then you probably do not have, steal all your energy. By allowing this you are not allowing yourself the very much needed energy to operate effectively and function well and instead you end up feeling tired, drained, lethargic, unfocused and with a good deal of anxiety. I also wouldn’t be surprised if you felt pangs of chest tightening alongside those emotions.

However when you redirect your attention to your growth and future, those emotions will be turned into the complete opposite and allow you the energy, focus, and clarity to function at high levels and take positive action in the right direction daily in all areas of your life.

Moving Away From Stress During a Global Pandemic

The minute you move out of stressful states you allow your body the capacity to heal and grow and become much less susceptible to any sort of illnesses which thrive in an environment of stress.

So all that to say, don't allow a lack of action due to external circumstances be one of the most expensive and unfruitful decisions you make in your life when action can be the thing that showers your life with an abundance of joy, confidence, success, health, wealth, fulfilment, passion and purpose.

Make a decision today for yourself, to make your new week self scream 'Yes, I am doing this!'

Let me know the decision you made for yourself in the comments.

Worried Mums Thriving

But a little something I wanted to share with you during this time and to help alleviate the stress and some really good advice comes from Thrives article on prevention of Covid-19. There is so much we can do in the way of cultivating healthy habits, protecting our emotional wellbeing and combating stress.

1. Try as much as you can to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily - the optimal needed for everyone does vary, but typically anything lower than 7 hours is generally not enough. You will find yourself suffering at the hands of sleep deprivation and just not performing at your best with consistent nights below 7 hours. Without good rest our brains and bodies just do not recover the way they should and actually living on sleep deprivation has the same effect on our bodies as consuming excess alcohol; stress, impaired brain function and of course a toxic environment.

And a study from the University of Washington Medicine found that 'chronic short sleep shuts down programs involved in immune response.'

2. You also want to avoid highly processed foods and sugar as much as you can. They do no promote a healthy immune system which is what you need to fight any type of virus and they do not aid in giving you sustainable energy to work on your growth.

And as a study from Stanford shows, avoiding sugar can help us reduce chronic inflammation, which contributes to the conditions that put us at greater risk for viral infections.

3. Avoiding stress at all costs as it is a great weakener of the immune system.

As the psychologist Neil Fiore puts it, “calling up the stress response to deal with dangers that are not happening now is similar to pulling a fire alarm for a fire that may happen next year. It would be unfair to the fire department and a misuse of its time and energy to ask firefighters to respond to such an alarm, just as it’s unfair to demand that your body continually respond to threats of danger from events that cannot be tackled now.”

To read the full article please visit this link:

Injecting Passion and Energy During a Lockdown and Homeschooling

I have had new clients start during this time despite world events and within a few weeks they are starting new careers and businesses, recharging their marriages and life, finding new sources of income and injecting so much passion back into their personal and professional lives, that had been lost being wrapped up in everyone but themselves that they are thriving exponentially. It is possible, it is do-able and it is achievable. It doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. As a mum you just have to sit back and ask the honest questions; have I put my life and dreams on the back burner, I have focused on developing everyone else around me; kids, my husband, have I become to scared to go for my aspirations, have I let my energy slip away with the day to day living and no future planning, have I forgotten what growth would even look like or where I could go in life?

If the answer is yes to many of those then you just need to give yourself permission to the the first small positive step forward in the right direction. Although growth will be here tomorrow, time will not.

Don't Let Covid-19 Cause a Lack of Action in Your Life

Articles like how your feelings are hindering you are so popular because so many mums can relate and realise the things that have been holding them back are not in fact the things they have been telling themselves. Get clear about this and engrain it into your brain so you can feel bold in taking action in your life where it needs to be taken and do not convince yourself out of it. Apply the 5 second rule by Mel Robbins and once you make a decision to do something make your first move on it within that time and don’t look back.

Don’t let a lack of action be the most expensive cost you ever have, life is too short and precious and you owe it to your yourself to invest in your growth however that looks for you.

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