Why You Need to be Selfish With Your Time

Have you ever wondered how some mums just seem to get ten times more done than other mums, yet have more energy, leaving you wondering what on earth you are doing with your time???

I have the answer and it is shockingly simple.

Do you want to know what their million pound secret is?

They run the hell away from REACTIVITY.

They know and feel that their time is their most precious commodity and are committed to improving their lives because of it.

How do you become the best mother you can be, productive, happy and fulfilled all rolled into one.

You do what serves you and the woman you want to become and you ditch the rest.

But most mums are not doing this.

They spend time comparing their lives to other mums on social media and down the road.

They waste precious minutes and hours beating themselves up for giving into screen time.

They eliminate weeks by allowing negative self-sabotaging thoughts to take over their minds.

They fail to successfully plan because they feel defeated day to day.

But the mums actually able to live their best lives… are utterly selfish with their time so they refuse to let these things steal any of it.

But this selfishness towards their time allows them to be selfless with those they love.

They make exhaustive notes on what they desire, need and want and then what their family need building their entire personal and professional life around this.

They align the two seamlessly.

And DON'T allow themselves to slip into the backseat.

Everything is done to uplift her as a mother for the good of the family.

That is the way it should be and it’s the reason why some mothers actually experience balance and fulfilment and not just fleeting moments of happiness.

Ladies if any of you actually struggling to do this in your life because as simple as it is, it can be very hard to implement without the support, particularly when you have never done it before.

You don't just exist to be someone's mum, you deserve and need to be recognised as the individual woman you are also. Find her and bring her to life.

What has just trying to keep your head above water and trying just to survive each day, caused you to miss out on? What in your life could be miles better if you felt more in control of your day? Let me know in the comments.

Talk soon,


My Mission is to help you as a mother reach your fullest potential by accelerating your energy so you can ignite your passion, purpose and relationships. 


My Mission is to help you as a mother reach your fullest potential by accelerating your energy so you can ignite your passion and purpose in your self, work and relationships.