Mums Why You Need to be Selfish With Your Time

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The Questions About Time all Mums Have

Have you ever wondered how some mums just seem to get ten times more done than other mums and have more energy, leaving you wondering what on earth you are doing with your time???

Wished the day was longer? Or that time would stand still for just a second!?

The truth Is most mums have. And the crazy part is that it is actually shockingly simple to combat this. People often say to me how do you get so much done with the four kids, why are you always smiling and so happy and the answer to that is because I do not feel that I do not get enough time and I never ever feel that my life is unbalanced therefore I do feel joyful and vibrant the majority of the time. But this was absolutely not always the case...far from it.

My Story with Time as a Mum

In my article ‘What I lost Journeying into High Performance’ and Running Like Mad in 4” Heels’ I talk about my awful relationship with time and how it contributed to such a horrific day to day experience and ultimately forced me to make major changes.

Here’s a little except from one;

“I was definitely not efficient in the way I worked; productivity to me was rummaging through my inbox all day long feeling busy whilst juggling multiple projects, employees, budgets, venues and a decaying self. (That however I wasn't ready to admit at the time).
As a single mum of four, feeling stretched thinly to accommodate all my children amongst my personal life, business and my loved ones was something I felt all too often.
My journey into high performance taught me one of my biggest lessons; that sometimes a loss of an old life we thought was great can give way to the creation of something much more beautiful, purposeful and fulfilling that we actually didn't even imagine or realise we wanted. “

Read the full post here and the full article for the second part here.

But let me tell you what I have discovered…

The Ultimate Success Secret to Time Management for Mums

In my experience there are a couple of elements you need to consider, two ways in which you can manage yourself and time and that is:

  1. Reactive

  2. Pro-Active

Now most peoples lives will have a mixture of both but to solidly master your days, weeks, months and thus years number two is the one that should dominate 90-95% of the time. This should not be compromised over an extended period and it is absolutely something that needs to be prioritised in your life to transform your relationship with time in your life.

Time is a Mums Actual Best Friend, Mums Ri-Wired

Time is a Actually A Mums Best Friend

But only when she is available for a mum to befriend in the first place and as we have just been discussing most mums can't see her in sight. But when she is in close relationship with time it allows a mum to expand herself and her life to such unprecedented levels of achievement and productivity it is mind blowing.

So how can mums forge this relationship...

Organising Your Time as a Mum

Without this, you'll find yourself on the time and emotional roller-coaster unable to steady your life, organise your days or organise your mind effectively.

When your life is cluttered you can bet your mind is too.

And when your mind is cluttered:

  • You can't make the best choices

  • You are fatigued and often won't know why

  • You can't offer your best to those around

  • You can't see the forest through trees in a myriad of situations

  • You can not get your organisational skills to a good standard

But the thing is, a life heavily reliant on Number one; Reactivity, can sometimes seem like it works day to day on the outside because you are managing to get things done. But to actually boost your energy and vibrancy and capability to do more at home or with work, like change careers and pursue your passion well this requires you to step it up in this area in a way your health and relationships do not get compromised.

When you are in reactive mode it leaves very little time for you to fill yourself up and when you aren't filled up you can’t pour into new areas with the vitality you need to make a success out of it over the LONG TERM or just keep up with the housework and family duties.

Lots of people achieve success for a period but nobody really wants short lived success, nobody changes careers, changes their livelihood, strives for the next big promotion or takes a big leap for short term success.