One of the biggest mistakes indivisuals make is they place themselves in a market that isn't HUNGRY. If your potential clients aren't that motivated to buy from you, or you're getting a lot of resistance, then you most likely aren't selling based on a high pain, high urgency problem. You aren't in a HUNGRY market. 


In this mini course you will learn: 


How exactly to 'prep' to conduct Market Research 

The art of asking the right questions 

Reaching out to your Ideal Client

The Iterative Process: Prototype → Share → Feedback → Redefine

How to define Your Offer

Research your competition



** This is a printable course for you to print out, write (there is something powerful about scribing) and have to hand. If you would prefer to fill it out digitally, load it in www.pdfescape.com to do so!

"Market Research" Mini Course