Winning your ideal client is all about deciding who your clients are and understanding all about them so selling becomes delivery of a soulful service rather than teeth extraction! In order to do this you need to get crystal clear on what your people look like.


In marketing we commonly use the term ‘If you market to everybody you speak to no-one, but if you speak to one person you attract everybody.’


In this mini course you will learn: 


How to speak to just the 'One'

Plotting your client demographics and psychographics 

Identifying your client's struggles + goals

✔ Customer Profiling

✔ Reflecting on your own experience + utilising it


** This is a printable course for you to print out, write (there is something powerful about scribing) and have to hand. If you would prefer to fill it out digitally, load it in www.pdfescape.com to do so!

"Winning Your Ideal Client" Mini Course