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Taking Ri on as a coach has pressed fast-forward on my

long-treasured aspirations.


Ri’s refreshing and radiant presence made an impressive entrance into my life at exactly the right time!


Having spent 5 fun, but knackering, years juggling my 2 boys and my language tutoring business, I was seriously lacking in clarity... and energy.

I’ve just made a Trello board in order to list all the changes I’ve made since my coaching began. There are literally dozens.

From small things to MASSIVE things like defining my chief definite purpose in life (and the EXACT steps to get there!). It’s been quite the journey! Speaking to friends about your dreams is lovely, but it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle. Friends like you for who you are & when something is too touchy they will often back right off, letting you save face... and stay stuck. Whereas, a coaching conversation with Ri gives you direct access to these areas of resistance - and guides you to define your best self.


Thank you Ri, for your great generosity of spirit & wonderful wisdom! You have changed the course of my life!

Learn more about Mums Ri-Wired and see how quickly you can be on living a more passionate and purpose driven life.